Artificial Intelligence

dena-REPORT: Artificial Intelligence for the Integrated Energy Transition

Assessing the technological status quo and categorising fields of application in the energy industry


Artificial intelligence (AI) is currently very popular in almost all industries. Especially with regard to the implementation of the integrated energy transition and the intelligent integration of a growing number of decentralised producers and consumers in the energy system - across sector boundaries - AI technology holds great potential and is associated with equally high expectations. However, the majority of German energy companies do not yet have their own AI strategy and consider their internal knowledge to be rather low, as a dena survey conducted in spring 2019 shows.

The analysis report produced as part of the BMWi-funded project "EnerKI - Use of Artificial Intelligence to Optimise the Energy System" aims to objectify the dazzling concept of AI and place it in the context of integrated energy transition. The analysis shows that AI can be applied in many different ways in all sectors of the energy industry and can make a significant contribution to a secure, climate-friendly and cost-efficient energy supply in the future. By improving the forecasts for energy generation and consumption, AI can, for example, help to better integrate renewable energies and increase the stability of the energy system. AI can also be used to optimize the operation of energy plants and to detect cyber attacks on critical infrastructures such as power plants and power grids at an early stage. However, the report also identifies a considerable need for action on the side of companies and policymakers in this field.

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